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Local Food in Washington County

Washington County Local Food MapWashington County producers, consumers, distributors and organizations concerned with food security are working together to strengthen the food system. As energy costs rise, the traditional food system that relies on shipping food tremendous distances becomes unsustainable.

To celebrate and grow local food access in Washington County we are mapping our food in two ways.

Mapping - A Poster to Celebrate our Local Food

The poster at right provides names, locations and phone numbers for:

It is a Geographic Information System (GIS) map that can be updated as the food system grows.

Not on the map? Click here to add your source of local food!

GROWashington-Arostook, the Washington County Council of Governments and the Beehive Design Collective, specifically Zoe Keller, worked together to add illustration to the GIS base map in celebration of the wonderful variety of local food in Washington County.

The illustrated map at right was unveiled at the Washington County Food Summit on March 8, 2014.

Using the power of GIS and computer graphic overlay the illustrated poster is designed for growth in the food system. So even as the database of new farms and local food locations grows, the graphical border can be "re-applied" to the GIS base map and an up to date poster can be printed.

NOTE - the map is an 80MB file so is not posted on this web site. The Washington County Council of Governments is exploring the cost of a professional print run of the poster - contact Judy East if you are interested in purchasing a copy.

Mapping - A Growing Database of Local Food

Beyond celebration is connection and growth of Maine's Local Food Movement!

Link to Maine Local Food Network Map ToolGROWashington-Aroostook and the University of Maine at Machias GIS Service Center have created a GIS map of Maine's Local Food Network to help producers find buyers, distributors find markets, food pantries find excess product and much more. Quick Start Guide for Using the map of Maine's Local Food Network.

We are working with the newly created Maine Food Data Consortium, a team of people with skills in spatial data presentation and a passion for local food. 

The goal of the Maine Food Data Consortium is to create a statewide database of information about Maine's food system that can be accessed and maintained by everyone with an interest in the food system using multiple mapping platforms and at the regional scale appropriate to each user's needs.

The on-line version of Maine's Local Food Network created by GROWashington-Aroostook is a work in progress - it will be coordinated with the Maine Food Consortium to build on our collective efforts and avoid duplicating them!

Click here to answer a survey that will add your source of local food to the on-line map of Maine's Food System - and to update the Local Food in Washington County poster.

How to Find Local Food

In addition to the various mapping projects consumers can buy direct from buying clubs and farmer's markets. New farmers can also join the Washington County Farmers Alliance. Click the links below for contact information and hours of operation.

Washington County Buying Clubs

Washington County Farmer's Markets

Washington County Food Alliance

Washington County Food Pantries